Specialist Bitumen Products

Thermal Oil Heaters

Parker thermal oil heat exchangers are designed to provide an alternative heating system for bitumen storage tanks on remote construction sites where electrical supply load is limited or where thermal oil heating is a preferred option.

The heat exchangers incorporate all necessary control systems in a compact skid mounted unit.

Heavy Duty Mixers

The Cartemixer Range of heavy duty, stirred mixing tanks is designed to heat mix and blend materials which, due to their composition and mix proportions require handling in a purpose built machine.

Designed initially for the mastic asphalt industry and for the handling of Trinidad Lake Asphalt the Cartemixer has since found many other industrial uses involving the mixing of solid components with bitumen.

Fuel Tanks

Parker fuel tanks are of bespoke design to suit customers' needs and are available with a single skin shell for use in bunded areas or with a double skin shell which eliminates the need for bunding. Parker specialises in tailoring its equipment to suit individual installation requirements.

This flexible approach allows Parker to work closely with the client to ensure the tanks and associated installation of pumps, valves and pipe work are positioned to give safe access and clean operation, to conform with current health and safety legislation and environmental demands.

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