Premix 12 Cement Paste Mixer

  1. Water Tank

    Clean water holding tank to speed up the water dosage and automatic washing cycles

  2. Control Cabin

    A 2m x 1.5m control cabin contains the fully automatic control board of the Premix 12 which is linked with the host concrete batching plant control system.

  3. Automatic Washing

    High pressure washing of the inside of the mixer is performed automatically after every batch using a system composed of rotating nozzles which are lowered pneumatically into the mixing tank. The water which remains in the vat after the washing cycle is automatically computed in the dosage of the following batch.

  4. Mixing Vat

    A capacity of 4,130 litres provides sufficient quantity of mixture for 12 m³ truck mixer loading. Equipped with butterfly valves with electro-pneumatic actuators for the automatic operation of the loading, mixing, discharge and washing phases.

  5. Weighing System

    The mixer is installed on four load cells for accurate recipe formulation with additive added by weight or volume.


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