ANCILLARY EQUIPMENTAsphalt Plant Performance Survey

We offer a full Plant Energy & Performance Survey that could improve your asphalt plant operation and reliability, increase profits and restore customer confidence.

Many asphalt plants operate well below their design capacity due to undetected problems or unawareness of ways to improve efficiency and safety. It can pose a threat to personnel and the environment due to poor burner combustion.

Poor burner performance and combustion will inevitably lead to expensive component failure and could ultimately lead to bag filter fires resulting in long and costly Plant shut-down.

Invariably, the costly need to replace a bag filter is often due to undetected deterioration of either:

  • Erratic fuel flow
  • Inconsistent fuel pressure
  • Inconsistent air pressure
  • Inconsistent fuel temperature (waste/heavy oil)

Additionally, poor burner performance will also increase operating costs due to:

  • Increased fuel consumption
  • Premature replacement of filter bags
  • Reduction in plant output (bags blinding will reduce air flow)
  • Poor mix quality (fuel contamination)
  • Frequent & unnecessary maintenance costs

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