ANCILLARY EQUIPMENTHot Mix Asphalt Storage Systems

Free standing, transportable and mobile, inclined track skip storage systems with capacities from 25 to 320 tonnes.

Available in configurations to suit individual customer requirements using up to four silos.

The Parker hot mix storage system allows the contractor flexibility to mix and store hot coated aggregates directly from the asphalt plant mixer without the interruption of lengthy and costly delays when trucks are not available to load, whilst at the same time reducing the waiting time when trucks are in position and loading.

Static And Transportable Hot Storage Systems


Designed to be incorporated as the high capacity load out facility within any batch production asphalt plant, the range incorporates features required for storage efficiency and load out accuracy.

  • Modular designed structures allow for easy and quick installation at site.
  • Variations of skip size from 1.0 tonne up to 5.0 tonne are available to match the direct mixer batch load out requirement of the asphalt plant.
  • Inclined skip tracks are hinged to allow access at the plant mixer for direct vehicle loading.
  • “Foul” batch / clean out hoppers are provided for direct loading.
  • Structures, storage silos and distribution skip can be provided with optional levels of sheeting, insulation and heating to minimize heat losses and extend storage periods for hot mix products.
  • Load cell mounted individual silos can be provided as options to provide additional levels of load out accuracy and when automatic load out of materials is required.
  • Galvanised access platforms and walkways are provided for access and maintenance.
No. Silos Single Silo Double Silo Triple Silo Quad Silo
Storage Capacity (t) 50 80 100 120 160 210 200
Silo Configuration (t) Single Size 50/70 70/90 50/70/90 4x50

Satellite Mixed Material Storage Systems


Road construction and repair projects are being increasingly hampered by inner city traffic congestion causing delays in transporting material to site. Parker’s innovative solution provides rapid inner city access to on demand asphalt.

The system stores mixed material produced by asphalt plants typically located outside the city conurbation, which is delivered to the facility into a surface mounted ground hopper in the early morning or late at night to avoid daytime congestion. The facility stores the “pre-mixed” material at the correct temperature, providing local inner city councils and contractors instant on-demand access to ready-made asphalt.

  • Hydraulically tilting front section of hopper bed to a high angle clears any residual material from the hopper.
  • The top of the drag slat conveyor feeds into a batch hopper with pneumatic discharge doors which batch the material into a horizontal skip.
  • Silos use twin outlets which are spaced to evenly spread the load into the width of the receiving truck, this also allows the filling of individual compartments in twin hot boxes. Each hot box compartment can have a different grade of asphalt loaded from two different silos.
  • The modular storage system has been designed with regard to thermal efficiency and can be configured with multiple 50 tonne silos, each insulated with 200mm of high density mineral wool, electrically heated blanket insulation and insulated secondary doors.
  • The feed hopper, slat feeder conveyors, silo inlet and discharge doors are electrically heated while the batch hopper and skip sides are also insulated.
  • The silos and associated equipment are integrated within a fully sheeted structure, further improving thermal and operational efficiency.
  • Translucent sheeting along the sides at the top of the structure provides ample illumination during daylight hours and internal lighting is provided for night time use. The facility is fitted with external lighting conveniently situated to allow night time operation.
  • Vehicle weigh bridge situated beneath storage silos for accurate loading of trucks via computerised control system.

Mobile Hot Storage System


Specifically designed to provide high mobility of equipment and speedy on-site set up, the Parker range of mobile storage systems are ideal for contractors requiring an easily re-locatable storage facility for hot coated asphalt materials. A single road towable unit incorporates the insulated storage silo, skip track, distribution skip and drive winch on one wheel mounted chassis for ease of transportation and re-location of equipment.

  • The compact design ensures a minimum restriction to plant layout and site vehicle movement.
  • The single unit design ensures fast on site installation and re-location.
  • Requirement for pre-prepared foundations is minimized.
  • Material load out and skip to silo distribution is integrated with the main plant system and the inclusion of an inverter controlled winch / skip drive system provides an additional operational accuracy.
  • An insulated hot storage silo and insulated distribution skip assist in minimising any material temperature loss and ensures an extended storage period for hot mix materials.
  • Galvanised access platforms are provided for access and maintenance.

25 Tonne Capacity Silo


50 Tonne Capacity Silo


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