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Asphalt Plant Control Systems

Parker Plant RTS asphalt plant control system

The Parker Plant RTS is based around a powerful industrial PLC interface, linked to an intelligent operator terminal.

Key features are:

  • Solid state technology throughout.
  • Super-bright touch screen display ensuring readability in sunlight.
  • Clear keyboard design with eight multifunction soft keys, with digital indicting load cell amplifiers for each weigh scale.
  • Choice of operational display language.
  • Unlimited number of mix recipes.
  • Automatic mix control.
  • Password protected for secure access control.
  • Animated plant mimic for live information status.
  • End of day totals reporting for production and recipe ingredients.
  • Recipe / Job scheduling.
  • Automatic material in-flight correction for mix accuracy.
  • Two stage bitumen weighing ensures precise bitumen control.
  • Network port for remote viewing and operation with download port for USB connection.

In addition to what is the standard control system package there are more sophisticated PC and PLC control systems available that can provide enhanced and additional features, some of which include: 

  • Industry standard mini PC twin screen LCD monitors, with solid state disc, Optical mouse and on screen keyboard.
  • Internal web page capability to allow external access to data base and monitoring through standard networks.
  • Battery back-up for uninterruptible power supply to protect the PC from “power-spikes”.
  • Expandable PLC racks to allow system expansion.
  • Automatic motor control for starting and stopping all plant motors sequentially via the control system PC.
  • Recipe control of the cold feed system where feed rates are automatically set up for each mix recipe.
  • Mixed material silo load-out that can be automatically controlled through the PC control system.
  • Two-way communication system to provide interface between incoming vehicles, bitumen delivery and loading and the cabin with matrix board and external speakers at the mixed material load out area
  • Vehicle ticketing system for auditing and recording of delivery and collection of materials

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