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C500 / C750 / C1000
Containerised Asphalt Plants

Designed to fit in standard containers.

The Containerised Series are built for fast on-site erection and dismantling. Containerised asphalt plant is factory pre-wired and fully tested and features an inverter controlled exhaust fan, high efficiency burner, electronic loadcell weighing, microprocessor controls housed in remote control cabin and dust filter with emissions less than 20mg/m³.


Aggregate Feed Unit,Belt Feeders & Collecting Conveyor

Compact, robust, modular 4 hopper cold feed unit with highly accurate AC variable speed inverter controlled direct drive motor/gear units.

Aggregate Dryer

Easily transported aggregate dryer with advanced design of internal lifters optimizing thermal efficiency for maximum heat transfer. Choice of multi-fuel burners. Nylon support & thrust rollers reduce wear, vibration and noise.

Mixing Tower / Screen, Hot Storage, Weigh Gear & Paddle Mixer

Quick erect, modular tower; heavy duty aggregate screen with-in a fully sealed dust housing; access stairways and platforms for maintenance at all levels; load-cell mounted batch weigh hoppers for aggregate, bitumen & filler. Twin shaft, direct gear/motor drive high efficiency paddle mixer, hard wearing replaceable abrasive resistant liner plates, paddle arms and tips. Discharge to truck or mixed material storage facility. Dependant on location the containerised range is available as standard with bag filter and fan unit for secondary dust collection achieving less than 20mg/m³. Control system: insulated & clad control cabin with a range of advanced control options from keypad to PC based, fully automatic systems, with fully programmable recipe storage.

Control System

The insulated and clad control cabin is supplied with a range of advanced control options from keypad to PC based, fully automatic systems and fully programmable recipe storage and archive facilities.

Container Shipping Arrangement

Container Shipping Arrangement Diagram


  Units C500 C750 C1000
Plant Capacity
Output* tph 40 60 80
Cold Feed
Hopper Capacity (heaped) 5 8 8
Hopper Loading Width m 2.5 2.7 2.7
Belt Feeders Size (Width x Length) mm 500 x 1200 500 x 1200 500 x 1200
Collecting Conveyor Belt Width mm 500 500 500
Collecting Conveyor Drive kW 5.5 5.5 5.5
Aggregate Dryer
Dryer Drum (Diameter x Length) m 1.3 x 5 1.4 x 5.5 1.5 x 6
Dryer Drive Motor kW 11 15 22
Hot Stone Elevator, Screen & Mixing Section
Elevator Drive kW 5.5 7.5 7.5
Screen Size (Width x Length) m 1.2 x 2 (2 deck) 1.2 x 3 (2 deck) 1.5 x 3 (2 deck)
Screen Drive Motor kW 4 5.5 7.5
Hot Stone Storage Hoppers t 4 x 8 4 x 10 4 x 12
Paddle Mixer Capacity kg 500 750 1000
Paddle Mixer Drive Motors kW 2 x 7.5 2 x 7.5 2 x 11

*Plant capacity is based on 3% moisture content of feed aggregate with 0.5% residual moisture content of mixed materials, dryer discharge temperature of 160°C, ambient temperature 15°C at altitude 150m above sea level, aggregate bulk density average 1600kg/m³, 5% bitumen content, 45 second weigh/mix cycle at 100% plant utilisation.

Note: Bag Filter Specification listed separated

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