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RoadStar Mini
Mobile Asphalt Patching Plants

Small, compact and easy to set up, the RoadStar Mini provides a unique solution to small paving projects and patching jobs requiring 4 to 9 TPH.

Complete with feed skip, dryer, mixer & bitumen controls, the RoadStar Mini can quickly & easily be moved to site & rendered operational within minutes.

  • Fully mobile road towable asphalt patching plant
  • High reliability with low maintenance
  • High efficiency burner
  • Batch heater with no wastage
  • Proven performance in the field
  • Localized greasing point


Loading Skip

150 kgs capacity convenient for hand feeding by shovel, skip raised and lowered by double acting hydraulic ram controlled by a three position valve to hold skip in any position

Batch Heater

150 kgs capacity heavy duty drum with specially designed lifters to cascade material through the burner flame. Drum is supported on two machined roller paths and four heavy duty rollers.

Swivel Chute

Hydraulically operated swivel chute delivers heated aggregate to the mixer. A safety fire door between heater and mixer is linked to the chute sealing off mixer during high flame heating. Coarse dust is collected in an expansion box above the mixer when discharge gate is opened.


150 kg capacity, double shaft contra-rotating mixer with hard wearing removeable steel liners and paddles, shafts are mounted in bearings and driven directly from engine; via counter shaft and roller chain. Manually operated outlet door for rapid discharge of mixed material.

Bitumen Tank

300 litre bitumen heating/storage tank with drum decanting facility. Bitumen tank is heated by light diesel oil vapourizing burner, capacity 13.5 litres/hour. Manually operated barrel hoist for lifting barrels into the drum holder.

Power Unit

Air cooled diesel engine developing 14kW @ 2500 rpm on load and using light diesel oil, with air filter, Oil filter and exhaust silencer. Electric start, direct clutch power take-off at flywheel end drives transmission for both heater drum and mixer.


  • Road lighting, 12V, wired to 7 pin trailer socket
  • Hand spray lance unit for surface coating with bitumen
  • Electric starting diesel engine


Output Capacities Units  
Cold Mix @ 65º TPH 7 - 9
Hot Mix @ 110º TPH 5 - 7
Hot Mix @ 150º TPH 4 - 5
Capacities Units  
Loading Skip Kg 150
Batch Heater Drum Kg 150
Engine Fuel Tank L 200
Bitumen Tank L 300
Burner Fuel Tank L 80
Batch Mixer Kg 150
Diesel Engine @1850rpm kW 14
Hydraulic System L 125
Travelling Dimensions Units  
Height mm 3305
Width mm 2360
Length mm 4800
Weight Kg 5000
Container Dimensions Units  
Height mm 2500
Width mm 2270
Length mm 3675
Operating Dimensions Units  
Height mm 4100
Width mm 2500
Length mm 3500

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RoadStar Mini