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Bitumen Handling & Road Surfacing Products

A range of equipment for road surface dressing, bitumen and bitumen-emulsion storage and transportation

Through its Cartem brand, Parker Plant is the foremost specialist manufacturer of Bitumen Handling Systems in the United Kingdom and overseas, servicing numerous industries.

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Established in 1949, Cartem is synonymous with quality, safety and reliability. Its pedigree of innovation and development is most recently illustrated by the Spreadmaster Chipspreader and High Efficiency Vertical Storage Systems.

Regulatory compliance and health and safety considerations are given paramount importance throughout a product range designed for the storage and handling of a variety of hazardous materials.

Surface Dressing

compact sprayer

Compact Sprayer Range

Parker's range of towed and demountable sprayers is perfectly suited for smaller contracts including bond coat and surface dressing works. Available in a range of tank sizes they are self contained units which come complete with a hand lance and can also be offered with a spray bar.

dist sprayers

Distributors & Sprayers

Parker supplies a comprehensive range of binder distributors which cover all aspects of bitumen emulsion application such as surface dressing and bond coat application. The available range of spray bars enables customers to carry out a comprehensive range of contract types.

chip spreader

Chip Spreader

The new ‘Spreadmaster’ chipping spreader has been designed as the ultimate solution for surface dressing works. With a variable width twin section front aggregate hopper which is continuously expandable and a series of cut off gates the chipper is capable of spread widths of 300mm to 4.4 metres.

Bitumen Storage

bitumen storage

Vertical Bitumen Storage

The Parker High Efficiency Vertical Bitumen tanks have been designed and developed to be used on sites where space is at a premium.

Designed to minimise heat loss and energy usage, thus reducing energy costs.

horizontal bitumen

Horizontal Bitumen Storage

Renowned for their durability and long service life, Parker horizontal tanks are available in a range of sizes from 30 - 100 tonnes.

mobile bitumen

Mobile Bitumen Storage

The Parker Fast Mover Bitumen Storage Tank is the ideal solution for mobile plants such as those used for asphalt, recycling and foamed bitumen applications.

Designed to the highest standards for safe and efficient operation the tank is fully self-contained, and comes mounted on a semi chassis for rapid deployment.

iso containers

ISO Containers

Constructed as a standard 20 foot ISO tank container with Lloyd's approval, the Parker ISO 20 Bitumen Container is suitable for transportation by sea, road and rail and allows a number of containers to be set up to provide a temporary or semi-permanent tank farm on site.

Bitumen Emulsion Storage

mobile emulsion

Mobile Bitumen Emulsion Storage

Self contained bulk storage tanks, designed to modern operational safety standards, fully insulated and mounted on a semi-trailer chassis they can be positioned close to the work site to maximise output.


Self Bunded Storage

In response to the need for compliance with increasing environmental standards Parker has developed a range of Self Bunded Tanks for the storage of bitumen emulsions.

With an integral 110% capacity bund, the units are easily transportable and only require a suitable hard standing and electrical supply for siting.

Bitumen Transportation

bitumen transportation

Heated Road Tankers

Our range of heated road tankers provides the ideal solution for the transportation of bulk bitumen over long distances.

Bitumen Drum Decanters


Drum Decanters

Parker decanters are designed for ease of operation and provide the most efficient system for ensuring a high throughput of drummed bitumen.

Specialist Products


Fuel Tanks

Parker fuel tanks are of bespoke design to suit customers' needs and are available with a single skin shell for use in bunded areas or with a double skin shell which eliminates the need for bunding.


Heavy Duty Mixers

The Cartemixer Range of heavy duty, stirred mixing tanks is designed to heat mix and blend materials which, due to their composition and mix proportions require handling in a purpose built machine.


Heated Water Tanks

The Parker water heating tank range is designed to provide a low cost supply of hot water with a proven track record for ease of installation and efficient operation.


Thermal Oil Heaters

Parker thermal oil heat exchangers are designed to provide an alternative heating system for bitumen storage tanks on remote construction sites where electrical supply load is limited or where thermal oil heating is a preferred option.

Site Installations


Bespoke Jobs

Parker has developed and introduced a number of innovative equipment designs which have now become industry standards.

Working closely with its clients, Parker Plant can ensure that it correctly identifies their needs and can deliver the solutions needed for their particular applications.


Pump & Pipework

Parker is a specialist in upgrading existing pump and pipe work systems to comply with current industry best practice.



We offer a full relocation package, working with our clients to minimise disruption of the manufacturing process.

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Bitumen & Surfacing
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Distributors & Sprayers
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Self-Bunded Tanks
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High Efficiency Tanks
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SpreadMaster Chip Spreader