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SpreadMaster Chip Spreader

The Parker ‘Spreadmaster’ chipping spreader has been designed as the ultimate solution for surface dressing works.

Controls have been centralised to simplify operation and minimise the time needed for driver training with a single joystick for all chip spreading controls and a steering wheel and accelerator to drive the machine.

With a variable width twin section front aggregate hopper which is continuously expandable and a series of cut off gates the chipper is capable of spread widths of 300mm to 4.4m (12" to 174").

The Cummins Tier 4 Final / EU Stage IV Power Plant features a fully integrated aftertreatment exhaust system maximising torque output and fuel economy while acheiving near-zero emissions.

  • Simple operating controls minimise time needed for operator training
  • High travel speed between sites to reduce down time
  • Accurate rate of spread of chippings without overlaps
  • Spread widths from 300mm to 4.40 metres
  • Efficient Tier 4 Final / EU Stage IV 194kW (260hp) engine with aftertreatment for near-zero emissions
  • Four wheel hydraulic drive to cope with demanding terrain

chip spreader


features travel mode

Travel Mode

  • With front and rear hoppers fully retracted the machine has a travel width of 2.55 metres for movement between sites.
features extending spread hoppers

Extending Spread Hoppers

  • Right hand spreading hopper fully extended showing the feed roller and feed gate.
features control screen

Control Screen

  • Control selection screen where the required parameters can be preset to enable operation using the joystick control. Road speed and spreading speed are automatically matched.
features joystick control

Joystick Control

  • The joystick which controls feed hoppers raise and lower, spreading on and off, spreading hopper extension and retraction and tow hitch operation.
features feed hopper tow hitch

Feed Hopper & Tow Hitch

  • Large capacity rear hopper featuring hydraulic folding wings and tow hitch to capture & tow chipping feed trucks
features feed conveyors

Feed Conveyors

  • Chipping feed conveyors which operate automatically to maintain chipping levels in the front spreading hoppers with a manual override option.
features feed conveyors

Power Plant

  • Efficient Tier 4 Final / EU Stage IV 194kW (260hp) engine achieves near-zero emissions


  • Banksman bridge
  • Air conditioned Cabin
  • Remote radio control of spreading operations
  • Front screen heaters


Description Units Transport Operating
Overall Height A m 3.50 3.50
inches 11' 6” 11' 6”
Overall Width Minimum B m 2.55 2.55
inches 8' 5” 8' 5”
Maximum C m 2.55 4.50
inches 8' 5” 14' 9”
Overall Length D m 8.80
inches 28' 10”
Mass (Unladen) Kg 12,000
Ib 26,500
Power Plant - Cummins QSB6.7 Tier 4 Final /
EU Stage IV Turbo Diesel
Engine Power kW 194
Hp 260
Fuel Capacity Litres 250
Gal 55
Maximum Travel Speed mph 19
km/h 30
Receiving Hoppers (Heaped) 3
yd³ 4
Feed Conveyor (Width) mm 2 x 500
inches 2 x 20”
Spreading Hoppers (Trimmed) 2 x 1.0
yd³ 2 x 1.3
chip spreader illustration

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SpreadMaster Chip Spreader