SpreadMaster Chip Spreader

The new Parker ‘Spreadmaster’ asphalt chipping spreader has been designed as the ultimate solution for surface dressing works.

Controls have been greatly simplified with all chipping spreader and drive controls centralised on a single joystick control and steering by conventional steering wheel.

With a variable width twin section front aggregate hopper which is continuously expandable and a series of cut off gates the chipper is capable of spread widths of 300mm to 4.4 metres.

The power unit and drive train have been designed to enable high speed travel capability between jobs to minimise down time and maximise productivity.

  • Simple operating controls minimise time needed for operator training
  • High travel speed between sites to reduce down time
  • Accurate rate of spread of chippings without overlaps
  • Spread widths from 300mm to 4.40 metres
  • Powerful 260hp engine to cope with demanding terrain
  • Four wheel hydraulic drive



Power Unit

  • Powerful 6.7 litre in-line six cylinder, turbo charged inter-cooled diesel engine
  • Developing 260 BHP/194 kW @ 1,800 rpm
  • Heavy duty air filtration system
  • Large capacity 250 litre fuel tank

Chassis / Drive Train

  • Robust chassis fabricated from square hollow section and mild steel plate
  • Complete with integral engine mounts, front and rear axles
  • Front and rear axles hydraulically driven
  • Can be switched between, high speed/low torque and low speed/high torque

Tow Bar

  • Hydraulic operation
  • Raise and lower
  • Auto lock and manual unlock for safe and secure hitching
  • Used to tow vehicle whilst loading the hopper

Rear Receiveing Hopper

  • Hydraulically operated folding rear capes to allow rapid transition between working and travelling configurations
  • Capacity 2 cubic meters trimmed 4 cubic metres heaped

Dual Conveyors

  • Two 500mm wide belt conveyors
  • Feed rate controlled independently, automatically or manually from cab
  • Self cleaning tail drums
  • Level sensors to automatically cut off feed to front hoppers

Split Spreading Hoppers

  • Two 1.5 cubic metre capacity hoppers mounted inline
  • Each hopper extends independently or simultaneously
  • Seven cut off gates per hopper, each individually operated
  • Hydraulically operated from cab to adjust spread width

Colour Display

  • Anti glare display with automatic sensor controlled backlighting
  • Eight soft keys (buttons) labelled in English (or alternative selected language)
  • Can BUS DATA link to the machine
  • IP67 rating

Operator Controls

  • Chip spreading controls are centralised on a daylight readable colour display and joystick controller to simplify operation
  • Forward and reverse motion
  • Road speed and roller speed automatically matched
  • Manual adjustment permitted for fine tuning the spread rate
  • Manual or automatic control of feed conveyors
  • Tow hitch control


  • Dual Screen CCTV
  • Radio links
  • Air conditioning
  • Banksman’s platform


Description Units Transport Operating
Overall Height A m 3.75 3.75
inches 145” 145”
Overall Width Minimum B m 2.55 2.55
inches 100” 100”
Maximum C m 2.55 4.45
inches 100” 175”
Overall Length D m 8.60
inches 339”
Mass (Unladen) Kg 11,410
Ib 25,155
Engine Power kW 194
Hp 260
Fuel Capacity Litres 250
Gal 55
Receiving Hoppers Heaped 4
yd³ 5.23
Feed Conveyor Width mm 2 x 500
inches 2 x 19 3/4”
Spreading Hoppers Trimmed 2 x 1.50
yd³ 2 x 1.96

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