ISO Bitumen Transportation Containers

The Parker ISO 20 Bitumen Container is designed to provide the ideal multi-modal solution for the transportation of bitumen world-wide.

Constructed as a standard 20 foot ISO tank container with Lloyd's approval it is suitable for transportation by sea, road and rail and allows a number of containers to be set up to provide a temporary or semi-permanent tank farm on site.

We offer a full installation package to suit individual needs including light fuel oil burners, pumps and pipe work.

  • High degree of fabrication integrity
  • Payload capacity of 29,000 litres
  • Lloyd's approval for shipping as a tank container
  • Direct oil fired heating system
  • Twin heating tubes to permit rapid elevation of product temperature
  • Rigid foam insulation and robust external finish
  • Optional stainless steel flame tube liners to prevent localised hot spots
  • Optional fully automatic pressure jet burners
  • Easy to operate & require minimal maintenance
  • Rapid on site set up times
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  1. ISO Container - Outer Tank
  2. Inner Tank - 29,000L Capacity
  3. ‘U’ Shaped Flame tubes
  4. Quick Fit Fully Automatic Burners
  5. Internal Surge Protection Plates
  6. Quick Fit Exhaust Flues
  7. Drain/Discharge Valves Points
  8. Fill Point Connection


Outer Tank

  • Standard 20 foot ISO container
  • ISO 1496 part 3 – type 75 container
  • Lloyds approved
  • One 200mm inlet spigot on the roof to allow quick filling

Inner Tank

  • Rectangular section fabricated from 4mm plate
  • Baffle plates fitted to prevent liquid surge
  • 75mm of rigid foam insulation fitted
  • Two “U” shaped flame tubes to permit rapid heating
  • Two flanged burner mountings
  • Two flanged exhaust stack mountings

Heating Method

  • Stainless steel liners to prevent localised hotspots
  • 240V fully automatic oil burners
  • ‘Easifit’ electrical connections with ‘DIN’ plug and socket connections
  • Skid mounted transportable fuel tank with flexible connections to burners

Control Panel

  • Lockable IP55 cabinet with weather canopy
  • Plug and socket connections for incoming power and burner supply
  • Individual burners controlled from the panel
  • Thermostatic temperature control of product

Transfer Discharge Pump

  • Rotary gear type skid mounted pump
  • Electrically heated
  • Capacity of 21,000 litres per hour
  • Driven by 7.5 kW direct coupled electric motor

Flexible Hose Assemblies

  • Braided steel bitumen hoses
  • Canvas covered
  • For connection from container to pump and to other equipment

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