ANCILLARY EQUIPMENTAsphalt Additive Systems

Solutions for the introduction of additives into the asphalt mixing process.

To complete the full range of equipment supply, Parker can provide systems for the inclusion of additives for all asphalt requirements including polymer modified bitumen, fibre and pellet based stone mastic asphalts (SMA), colorants, liquid based admixtures, or hydrated lime as may be required in the production process.

Our engineering department is available to discuss specific requirements to assist in finding the solution best suited to customer requirements.

A brief overview of the types of equipment that can be included is as follows:

Polymer Modified Bitumen

Integrated modular systems to allow the mixing, metering, storage control and dispersion of polymer modified bitumen materials within the integrated systems of the asphalt plant and its subsequent inclusion in the hot-mix process of the plant.

Stone Mastic Asphalt

Equipment for the accurate delivery and inclusion of proprietary fibre and pelletised SMA additive materials into the asphalt mixing process via storage silo, elevators and pneumatic conveyor systems to ensure accurate and quality controlled addition.

Colorant Additive

Equipment for the storage and manual / automatic introduction of pigment colorants into the direct mixing process of the asphalt plant utilising conveyor systems and calibration equipment linked into plant control for ensuring consistency and quality of product.

Liquid Admixture

Systems to allow controlled addition of liquid admixtures for the production of specialist asphalt products that include improved anti-stripping characteristics, deferred set materials, lower temperature mixing and storage etc.

Hydrated Lime

Storage silos and handling equipment to control and deliver hydrated lime powder as a supplementary or additional ingredient for enhancement of the general cement filler requirement within the hot mix process of the asphalt plant and where required the production of higher performance quality materials.

This covers only a generalised view of certain items of additional equipment that can be provided as complimentary to all Parker asphalt plants and further specific details are available on request.

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